Dartmouth Regional Technology Center, Inc. (DRTC) is a nonprofit economic development incubator in Lebanon, New Hampshire, near Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. DRTC leases work space - laboratories and offices - to growing businesses.

Mission. The mission of DRTC is to promote and support business growth in the local region and economic development in the State of New Hampshire.

Facility. DRTC’s facility consists of 60,000 square feet of laboratory space and office space in the Centerra Resource Park (16 Cavendish Court, Lebanon, NH 03766). DRTC offers flexible terms in its leases (no letter of credit, no security deposit, 90-day notice) and access to shared resources, such as entrepreneurship programming, economic development programs, break rooms, conference rooms, Internet access, lab appliances, and phone service. The facility is typically 85-90% occupied with 15-20 active ventures. More about space for lease in DRTC’s facility.

Tenants. DRTC has been and continues to be home to numerous businesses, including Adimab, Argo Cardiovascular, Avitide, BioFlag Therapeutics, Cairn Surgical, Celdara Medical, DoseOptics, Entrada Therapeutics, FlowTraq, FreshAir Sensor, Gigajot Technology, GlycoFi (Merck), Hive Battery, ImmuNext, InSight Surgical Technologies, Lodestone Biomedical, Lyticon, Mascoma Corporation, MedU, Mobile Virtual Player, MyTurn, Occulo Bio, Orr & Reno, Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs, PreventAGE Healthcare, Resonant Link, Rytek Medical, Salary Coaching for Women, and VivCyte. Since its opening in 2006, DRTC has been a critical driver of economic development in Grafton County and the State of New Hampshire. Tenants and former tenants of DRTC have attracted investment capital of more than $400 million from outside of New Hampshire and created more than 330 jobs locally.

Incorporation. Formed in 2004, DRTC is an independent 501c4 nonprofit corporation in the State of New Hampshire in which Dartmouth College, Grafton Regional Development Corporation (GRDC), and North Country Council (NCC) are the three Members responsible for its formation and on-going governance as a nonprofit economic development incubator.

Funding & Organization. The development of DRTC was funded by grants and loans from the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA), NH Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA), and NH Business Finance Authority (BFA) through GRDC and NCC. Dartmouth College contributed the land in Centerra and licensed use of its name at no cost to DRTC. GRDC and NCC own the land and improvements and lease the building to DRTC for its operation as a nonprofit economic development incubator.

Board of Trustees & Management. The three Members control the governance of DRTC via the Bylaws of the corporation, allowing for the appointment of a Board of Trustees. DRTC’s Board consists of five trustees: one at-large, volunteer trustee and representatives from Dartmouth College, Grafton Regional Development Corporation, North Country Council, and the State of New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs. The focus of DRTC’s Board is on the fiduciary responsibilities of managing DRTC as a nonprofit organization in support of economic development and growth in the local economy. DRTC has no full-time employees, utilizing independent contractors and professional services for facility management, financial reporting, office management, and maintenance services.